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Dear friends,

We look forward to hosting you in a course soon, using the below measures. These measures ensure that even if one student is COVID-positive, no one else in the course (except that person’s patient-partner) would be considered a close contact in need of quarantining.

A Train NEK WFA student makes a bomber leg splint WHILE wearing a mask!

* * *A course full of interactive and engaging scenarios becomes blah and/or frustrating when you only have a backpack or manikin as a patient. That said, let us know if you’d like us to try to pair you with another student, at your own risk, if one is available. If so, you should plan to double-mask and wear eye protection and gloves during each “patient” interaction to limit risk to yourselves, just as you would when treating actual patients.

Wilderness medicine taught in a ventilated greenhouse

Students with SOLO cards that expired in or before December of 2020 are eligible for a six-month extension – giving you through June 2021 to recertify. But, courses are filling quickly so don’t delay! Here is a link to the Train NEK WFR Refresher dates. Here are the Train NEK Wilderness First Aid options. And here are Train NEK Wilderness First Responder dates. Eventbrite registration links are on each page, or you can always mail a check to save Eventbrite fees. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, and do take care of yourselves! We hope to see you soon.



Train NEK's Outdoor Classroom

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