SOLO First Aid and CPR with Train NEK

Students Apply a Sling and Swathe to a Mock Patient

Join TRAIN NEK in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont to earn your SOLO First Aid and CPR certifications!

What is Taught? Resulting in SOLO First Aid and CPR certifications, this eight-hour course covers patient assessment, recognition and handling of life threats, and treatment of environmental, musculoskeletal, and soft tissue injuries common to those who are active in an outdoor and/or rural environment.

Knowledge around how and why to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and other life-saving measures is a must-have for everyone – particularly anyone in a rural area. SOLO CPR covers the basics of cardiovascular incident prevention, recognition and response. You’ll gain an understanding and appreciation of risk factors, the importance of early recognition and action when someone you care about experiences an emergency, and specifics on how your efforts translate in a rural environment. You’ll also build muscle memory around how to intervene in instances of choking, stroke, heart attack, and cardiac arrest, and will learn why and how to use an AED.

Because all of the above information also forms the foundation for SOLO First Aid, everyone taking the class receives the same information, regardless of which certifications they are paying for.

Who is This For? Unlike a typical, canned first aid course, this practical and experiential day-long course is a mix of chalk talk and practical skill sessions. Taught by a professional instructor, it is geared toward active educators and other individuals who regularly find themselves in rural and outdoor environments, one hour or less from definitive care. (For professionals responsible for others in settings further than one hour or one mile from definitive care, we recommend a Wilderness First Aid course.)

What is Included? Cost of $120 includes instruction, First Aid and CPR certification fees, and training materials. Both certifications are good for two years, and you recertify by taking the course again. Those who require just the CPR certification have the option to pay $40 and can leave following the morning session.

What Should I Bring? First Aid students are asked to bring clothing suitable for being active and outside much of the day (i.e. kneeling and rolling around on the floor and ground pretending to be injured or helping patients). It’s helpful to bring additional outdoor layers to use for warming and treating patients. Please bring water and a bag lunch.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 9a-6p

Fairbanks Museum, St Johnsbury, 1302 Main Street, St. Johnsbury VT 05819


Save money! Mail a note with course title, dates, student name, email address and phone number and a check for $120 to Train NEK, PO Box 132, Peacham VT 05862. We’ll email you confirmation as soon as your check is received.


Pay by credit card online (additional EventBrite fee applies) by clicking on the link below.  


Thank you!