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Why Host a First Aid, CPR, or Wilderness Emergency Medicine Course?

At Train NEK, we want as many people as possible to feel empowered and knowledgeable in responding to illness and injury in their rural and outdoor communities. Many people assume that only experts can intervene in any meaningful way during a crisis, and of course you do want the experts to arrive! But while you’re waiting for them to arrive, wouldn’t you like to be helpful? Having even just one day of training under your belt can drastically improve positive outcomes for yourself and your neighbors, colleagues, friends and family. Hosting a course helps your organization engage with employees and/or the public in a new and fun manner, offers an enriching bonding experience for your group, adds value to the region, and lets others know you are invested in your local community.

How do I Host a Course through Train NEK?

  1. What? Learn about the different courses we teach. Decide which type of course will suit your needs, or contact us at (802) 522-0769 to talk about customizing a course for your group.
  2. Where? Decide on a location. Train NEK can find a good location in or near your preferred town. OR you can secure your own site. There’s a 10% discount on non-custom courses for contracted groups of ten or more who secure their own site! You’ll need a classroom or meeting area with enough space to hold practical sessions – about 400 square feet for every 12 students – and a nearby outdoor area for outdoor scenarios. It’s not crucial, but it saves transition time if the indoor space is on the first floor within easy access of the outdoor space. We don’t need tables, but we do need sufficient seating, restrooms and parking spots. Many locations, including many municipal buildings, fire departments and libraries, can be reserved for no or next-to-no cost.
  3. Who? Decide if you prefer to open the course to the public, or keep the course private to meet the needs of your specific group (for team bonding, specific scenarios, focus on a particular population, etc).
  4. When? Choose dates that will work well for your target audience.
  5. How? Registration can either run through you or through us; call to discuss (802) 522-0769. If it’s open to the public, you’ll want to promote your course. We’ll set up the registration link and will help you with promotions, and the course will be listed on the Train NEK and SOLO websites. If your course is private (closed to the public), you’ll just need to communicate the details to your group. Either way, we’ll help you compile all the necessary information for participants.
  6. How Much? Prices are provided in each course listing. Contracted, non-custom courses for groups of ten or more who secure their own location receive a 10% tuition discount. There are no instructor food, mileage, or lodging costs for courses hosted within one hour of Peacham. For courses further than one hour from Peacham, your group will need to provide or reimburse for lodging (no shared rooms or bathrooms), meals ($35/day) and mileage (fifty cents per mile).
  7. Contact us now to schedule your course! (802) 522-0769 or
Train NEK offers First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid and First Responder courses.

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