Overnighting It

Pavilion at New Discovery Campground

Wondering where to stay during your course? Here are some options. (Some might be closed due to COVID.)


HipCamp offers an ever-changing variety of camping options.

Pleasant Valley Campground, 421 Ticklenaked Pond Rd in Ryegate, is half an hour away.

There are seven Vermont State Parks in nearby Groton State Forest, listed below. These parks open in late May/Memorial Day. Camping is available at six of them. (The seventh, Seyon Lodge, has lodging but no camping.) Entry to any one of these seven parks includes free entry to all the others.

Big Deer State Park in Groton has 22 tent sites and five lean-tos. Check in is at Stillwater State Park. Closes Labor Day weekend.

Boulder Beach State Park in Groton closes Labor Day weekend.

Kettle Pond State Park Remote and group camping only. Check-in is at New Discovery State Park in Marshfield. Closes second Monday in October.

New Discovery State Park in Marshfield for tenting, RVs and lean-tos. closes second Monday in October.

Ricker Pond State Park in Groton is the closest camping at 20 minutes away. Tents, lean-tos, cabins and cottages. Closes second Monday in October.

Stillwater State Park in Groton for tenting, RVs and lean-tos. Closes mid-September.


Cherry House Bed and Breakfast, St Johnsbury – 20 min away

Comfort Inn, St Johnsbury – 20 min away

Danville Restaurant and Inn, Danville – currently closed

Emergo Farm, Danville – 15 min away

Fairbanks Inn, St Johnsbury – 20 min away

Highland Lodge, Greensboro – 40 min away

Hollister Hill Farm, Plainfield – 30 min away

Marshfield Inn and Motel, Marshfield – 30 min away

Seyon Lodge State Park, Groton – 25 min away

Sherryland, Danville – 10 min away

The Olde Farm House Bed and Breakfast, Danville – 10 min away


Options change all the time but often you can find great Airbnb rentals in Peacham or in the nearby towns of Barnet, Danville, Ryegate, Groton, Waterford, or St Johnsbury.

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