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Prepping a Stokes Litter

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Refresher Courses $215 ($255 with CPR)

WFA student practices splinting an upper body injury

SOLO Wilderness First Aid Courses $200 ($240 with CPR)

A Wilderness First Responder student builds a splint in the snow.

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Courses, $750 with CPR

Caring for a Mock Patient

SOLO First Aid for Women: Galentine’s Day and Mother’s Day Editions $80 ($120 with CPR)

Students Apply a Sling and Swathe to a Mock Patient

Join us for Outdoor Family Weekend! We’ll be running a Wilderness First Aid Workshop Sunday 9/13/20 from 9a-11a.

Train NEK offers First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid and First Responder courses.

Get in touch to schedule a course for your group!