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As fun as our courses are, they aren't considered social gatherings. Vermont's COVID guidelines allow us to meet as long as we follow all the mandates, which are so critical to keeping us all healthy. Please see our COVID page for more info on all the precautions we're taking.

2021 At-A-Glance Schedule

* Scroll down for our "Schedule-by-Course-Type" and links to more info. *

January: Call to reserve a private weekend course for your group. We’ll be working out of a heated, openly ventilated greenhouse – or we can come to you, if you have a similar set up.

February: February 6-7 Wilderness First Aid. February 13 Galentine's Day First Aid for Women. February 20-21 WFR Refresher.

March: March 6-7 International Women's Day Mother-Daughter WFA. March 13-14 Wilderness First Aid. March 20-21 WFR Refresher. March 27-28 Wilderness First Aid.

April: Experience MUD Season in our outdoor classroom! April 19-20 Wilderness First Aid. April 22-23 WFR Refresher. April 25-May 2 Wilderness First Responder.

May: May 3-4 WFR Refresher. May 6-21 Wilderness First Responder. May 8 Mother's Day First Aid for Women. May 15-16 Wilderness First Aid. May 22-23 WFR Refresher. May 27-28 Wilderness First Aid.

June: June 1-2 Wilderness First Aid. June 5-6 WFR Refresher. June 8-9 WFA for High Schoolers Who Identify as Female. June 10-11 Wilderness First Aid. June 15-16 WFR Refresher. June 19 Father's Day First Aid for Men. June 24-July 1 Wilderness First Responder.

July: July 5-6 Wilderness First Aid. July 8-9 WFR Refresher. July 12-13 Wilderness First Aid. July 15-16 WFR Refresher. July 19-20 WFR Refresher. July 22-23 Wilderness First Aid. July 26-27 WFR Refresher. July 28-August 4 Wilderness First Responder.

August: Call to schedule a private course for your group.

September: September 1-8 Wilderness First Responder. Other courses by request.

October: October 4-11 Wilderness First Responder. October 14 and 15 Wilderness First Aid. October 18 and 19 WFR Refresher. October 25-November 1 Wilderness First Responder.

November: November 6-7 Father-Son Wilderness First Aid.

December: Call to schedule a private course for your group.

Two ways to register: complete these instructions to mail a check, or Register Online (additional Eventbrite fee).


2021 Schedule by Course Type

Prepping a Stokes Litter

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Refresher Courses $215 ($255 with CPR)

WFA student practices splinting an upper body injury

SOLO Wilderness First Aid Courses $200 ($240 with CPR)

A Wilderness First Responder student builds a splint in the snow.

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Courses, $750 with CPR

Caring for a Mock Patient

SOLO First Aid for Women: Galentine's Day and Mother's Day Editions $80 ($120 with CPR)

Students Apply a Sling and Swathe to a Mock Patient

Train NEK offers First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid and First Responder courses.

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